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Coast360 Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee of Coast360 Federal Credit Union (Coast360) is responsible for ensuring that the Credit Union's Board of Directors and management establish practices and procedures to safeguard members' assets. In addition, the Committee is responsible for obtaining an annual financial statement audit from a licensed independent auditor and verifying members' accounts pursuant to §1761d of the Federal Credit Union Act and §715.8 of the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) Rules and Regulations, respectively.

In accordance with the Federal Credit Union Act, the Supervisory Committee is comprised entirely of volunteer members, and is completely independent of the Credit Union's management. As an independent body of members, the Supervisory Committee will investigate members' complaints not fully resolved to their satisfaction by management.

A special post office box has been established for members to report perceived Credit Union violations of rules and policies, unethical behaviors, and other complaints directly to the Supervisory Committee:

Coast360 Supervisory Committee
P.O. Box 20225
GMF Barrigada, Guam 96921

Supervisory Committee


Chairman of the Coast360 Supervisory Committee
Stephen J. Guerrero
Supervisory Committee Member
Vincent J.G. Duenas
Vice Chairman
Secretary of the Supervisory Committee
Barbara S. Howard
Supervisory Committee Member
M. Francis Quinto-Baba
Blanca Eata
Blanca C. Eata
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