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How do we set up a Member to Member Transfer?

Before transferring to another member, you will need to add their account information as a transfer account.

To transfer to another member:

  • Login to your Coast360 online service or mobile app
  • Under the "Transfer" tab
  • Click "Make A Transfer"
  • Click on "Transfer Accounts”
  • Click on "Add Account"
  • Click "Another Member's Account"
  • Complete the "Add Transfer Account" information
  • Enter Account Nickname of your choosing to help you remember the account
  • Select the type of account
  • Add account number and share ID
  • Reenter account number and share ID to confirm
  • If transferring to a savings or checking, the 4 digit share ID number should include a capital “S” in front of it
  • If transferring to a loan, the 4 digit loan ID should include a capital “L” in front of it

Please follow the grayed out example set under the Account number & Share or Loan ID section.


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